Friday, April 4, 2014

Measuring Conflicts, Gabriela Goes to Lima

The clinic today was interesting, the lady in charge of CRED and I had some more differences on our height measurements.  On some of them I may have done wrong, but I’m more confident of my measurements now and know I am not that incompetent.  For example, there was one baby I measured to be ~66.5 cm, I don’t remember exactly.  She didn’t like it, so she did it again.  We always do it with both legs in case one is longer.  I had consistent measurements for the 2.  She had 65 for one and 67.7 for the other.  So she decided that 67.7 was correct and put that in the chart.  First, kid had only gained 150 g, and it would be surprising for him to gain 3 cm height [compared to the previous month] without significant weight gain.  Possible, sure, but unlikely.  Second, the baby was probably crooked on her test which is why she had such a tremendous difference between legs.  She also told me today that a measurement couldn’t end in .0, because we don’t know that precisely.  It would have to be .1, .2, .3, etc.  That of course makes absolutely no sense.  Precision is defined by the device, and if that child looks like it is exactly 66.0 cm tall, I am not going to manufacture it and put 65.9 or 66.1.  Ok maybe now I will just to avoid conflict, but it’s just annoying.  Sometimes I think that my training as a scientist actually makes life here more difficult…  We left on perfectly good terms, but I was frustrated because I thought I was measuring just fine and I wasn’t trusted.

Next, Gabriella.  I didn’t hear any updates until I was at ProWorld, when Nico and Mila went to support the family in the hospital.  Nico came back and told me they weren’t able to see Gabby because she had been moved to the ICU.  Something went wrong today, and she got worse.  I went home shortly after that to find out that she is now going to Lima tomorrow in the morning.  The family only told me that things became more complicated, so I have no more details on what is actually going on.  I only know that this is a very tense time in the house and we all need to be praying for Gabriella’s health.  We can only hope that she makes it through this, and that my family doesn’t have to go catastrophically far in debt to pay for the last minute plane tickets and an unknown amount of time in the expensive, private hospital in Lima. 

Even as all this transpires, Joaquin is staying in the house with Tania's mom and Benji.  Therefore, life goes on in a relatively normal fashion.  The only major changes have been the stress-level and the people who are here helping Joaquin with homework and making meals for us.  I think they want it to be as smooth as possible for Joaquin.  

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