Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gabriela's Transport

As far as events in my own life, this weekend was very tame.  Yesterday I made sure to get my run and weight lifting in, then went to church in the evening.  I do really like the little church, I do feel welcomed there.  In the evening I talked with Jason, which seemed to be exactly what we both needed.  It was nice to have a relief from all the stress and tension surrounding the Gabriela situation.  Today, I have literally been working on my project since I woke up except for breaks for meals and talking to Stephan over Skype.  Great progress, I have a tremendous amount of data that I now just have to organize.  I’m not yet entirely sure how I’ll do that, but I will probably end up having a 25-30 page paper when I’m done with this.

I wanted to include everything about Gabriela in one fluent post, so I’ll now go to that.  Saturday morning was very tense.  As I previously posted, it was determined that Gabriela had to get to Lima ASAP to see a specialist and to use a machine that wasn’t present in Cuzco.  However, because they ended up deciding to go to a public hospital instead of a private one, they had to wait for a bed.  No beds were available in the ICU.  We waited all morning, and around noon we found out that a bed was opening up and she could get on a plane and go.  It was mad chaos in the house to get everything packed before the trip, and tension was high because of the gravity of the situation.  Eventually we had everything ready to go and we got to the airport.  We had to wait for a long time for Sandro, Tania, and Gabriela to arrive.  A doctor went with them to Lima to ensure that no medical complications occurred on the plane.  Transferring an ICU patient to another city is no easy task.  She was on oxygen and had a drip that had to be held at all times.  She looked very tired and uncomfortable.  Tania and Sandro were beyond themselves by this point.  If their family hadn’t been helping them with packing and everything I don’t think it would have worked well because of their exhaustion and desperation.  The whole extended family was there to support them for the transport, although Tania hardly seemed aware of everything going on around her.  She was only concerned with the little girl in her arms. 

When they finally left and got on the plane, we all hung around for a little while.  I think no one knew what to do, so we just did nothing.  There was so much sadness and heaviness in the group, it was hard to bear.  She might not be my real family like she is for all of them, but I do certainly have a connection with her and the family so I’m not immune to the sadness. 

The rest of the day went on as normal, and eventually we heard that they were in Lima without complications.  The parents couldn’t stay in the ICU room, which I think will be good for them because they will finally have a mandatory time to relax.  Sleep will help their desperation and return their sanity. 

There wasn’t much news today (Sunday), which is fantastic because it means nothing went wrong.  I learned tonight that she has improved slightly.  She is a little more stable, which is all we can ask at this point.  We will continue to hope for a steady progression towards health.

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