Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend summary- Pollada, Pisac

I didn’t do very much this weekend, hence why I decided to sum it up in one post.  Saturday I utilized my gym membership then went to a pollada with Carlos.  These are basically an excuse to eat food, drink beer, and raise money for some cause.  In this case, one of his co-workers was driving drunk on a motorcycle (yea….  I don’t think that ever ends well), got in a crash, and is now in a coma.  There were a tremendous number of people who came out, although if many had lunch paid for by the company like Carlos it makes perfect sense.  Getting the food was quite the extravaganza.  There were 3 lines; one to pay or have the ticket verified, one for chicken, and one for meat.  It would have been easy to believe that there were no lines.  I’m perfectly accustomed to this type of chaos now, so I waited patiently as Carlos and friends figured out the system.  Eventually we got food.  It was good and flavorful, but when I’m lifting and running I can generally eat the equivalent of 2 lunches.  So I did; Tania had left food for me at the house because they went to Calca this weekend. 

Next was Spanish class, followed by La Vid.  Because the family was gone the rest of the night, I checked out a new pizza place.  It’s really not a bad deal, I got 2 mini pizzas for 13 soles.  And wow they were worth it.  I think pizza is becoming my guilty American pleasure.  As it was St. Patrick’s day, I was up until 2 AM…  researching everything I need to compile to apply to medical school.  Wild, I know.

Sunday I went to the markets in Pisac to check them out.  I didn’t have any money to buy things, but I did find a lot of great stuff there.  Much of it is hand-made and better than what I’ve found in Cuzco.  I’ll probably go back for some final presents at some point.

In the evening I hung out with Luis.  It had been far too long since we did that, I hope to make it more regular. 

While I was running in the evening my family returned from Calca.  They were concerned about me because I wasn’t in the house or answering my phone.  I returned quickly and will now leave a note to them if I go running without my phone while they are gone J

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