Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rough First Day in Medicina

After a nice run I excitedly ran off to work to start my time in medicina, where I work with a doctor in a consultation office.  I was to work with Dr. Adriano.  I didn’t recall who that was, but I was sure I’d done rounds with him at some point.  I recognized him immediately when I stepped into his office.  He’s the doctor who was unhelpful and cold to the med students and I throughout rounds when he led them.  I tried to hide my disappointment and confusion about why I had to be paired with him of all the doctors.  Needless to say, the morning started awkwardly.  He asked me some questions about myself, but they weren’t comfortable questions.  I’m fine with “where are you from” or “what are you studying,” but I don’t like answering questions about my finances in the US or here.  I didn’t think I had a choice because of the already thin ice I was walking on with this doc. 

Around 9:00, the patients began arriving.  I will tell you the interesting points about these patients, but I want you to keep in mind that Dr. Adriano didn’t say a single word to me during my entire time in the room with patients.  Zero words to me for three hours.  Yea.  The first patient had fallen at her work and had a big bruise above her ankle.  The doc wasn’t very gentle with it even though she was almost crying when he touched it.  To me, it seemed completely pointless for him to cause her that pain.  He ordered an X-ray, which came back negative, and gave her some pain meds.  The second was a lady who had been using too many cleaning agents without gloves so her hands were misbehaving; they had poor circulation, poor movement, and pain.  The prescription was pain killers and gloves.  Third was a guy with very severe diabetes and joint troubles.  I won’t describe everything to you, but there were a few highlights I’d like to include.  While he was talking with a 2 meter tall Peruvian girl (WOW that’s tall for this country), there was a knock on the door.  It was a woman looking for another doctor because her kid had a cold and she wanted to get him checked on.  I looked for a little while with her, then she asked to see Adriano.  I didn’t have any better ideas so I let her in.  He was very cold to her, basically saying that he was busy with another patient and she should see someone else.  It would have been so easy for him to see her, but I think he’s only there to do exactly what he’s paid to do and nothing more.  Money is clearly important to him based on the way he questioned me.  There were several patients who didn’t know the drugs they were taking and forgot the receipts at home.  He would hit the table just hard enough to communicate how upset he was, then would explain to them in a frustrated voice all the reasons they needed to bring them.  I think they understood long before the end of his explanation.  I think the most abrasive of all was his response to an old man who came in even though his name wasn’t called.  This guy was in his 80’s and could barely here, he just wanted to be seen.  Yelling at him for going out of order did no one any good.  As you can tell, I did not enjoy my time with Adriano today.  Tomorrow I’ll change to someone else where I can actually learn something.  Once I start my project I might not have a regular schedule in the clinic anyway. 

On the way home I discovered that the gym near my house opened its doors!  I’ve been looking for a place to work out but there was nothing close enough.  I will probably get a membership there.  I will change my running schedule to afternoons so that I can do both while only showering once.  I will be in great cardio shape after this, but if I’m going to keep up climbing I’ll need good muscle tone as well. 

The rest of the day was relaxing, with the only exciting event being that I can now connect to internet in the house!  It’s so nice to not have to cram everything into ProWorld.  I need to be more careful that I don’t waste time though…  Far too easy of a temptation now.

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  1. Dr. Poophead needs a new job if he has such low tolerance for patients in need.