Friday, March 14, 2014

Reynaldo in Topico, Internet Complications

I continued working with Reynaldo today in Emergency/Topico.  I have no idea what the difference is between that and a regular consultation office.  Slightly elevated blood sugar isn’t an emergency.  A fall 6 months ago that is hurting your leg isn’t an emergency.  None of the cases he say would have been classified as an emergency in my book.  I’ve been noticing that he’s one of the most consistent docs, meaning that he doesn’t arrive late or leave at random times of the day.  The consequence of this is that he tends to see more patients.  If someone shows up and needs a doc, Reynaldo will be around.  I didn’t stay in the consultation office all day, but also spent some time in the normal part of Topico.  I didn’t get to do anything because it was a very slow day, but it was fun to talk to students again.  Lady, the nursing student from Tuberculosis, is in Topico now.  Sometimes I don’t realize how much my Spanish has improved since I arrived.  My first few weeks you probably remember that I could barely communicate at all with her or other people in the department.  But today I could talk to her fluently with minimal repeated words or uses of my translator.  That felt good J

The main other event of the day was Benji talking to me about the internet.  I guess Sandro isn’t a huge fan because he thinks it’s distracting Joaquin from doing hw, etc.  That’s probably true, but having the TV turned on for hours a day on mindless shows isn’t a great benefit either.  So I will have to be creative with my internet use, making sure to not get online when Joaquin is supposed to be doing something.  The problem is that the router has such a weak signal that it doesn’t reach my room, so I have to be out in the common area.  In some ways I feel like it may be discouraged for me to use my computer there for fear of distracting Joaquin even without the internet.  I will probably still be frequenting ProWorld, and I have spent an unfortunate amount of time in my room with the computer this week.  My long list of tasks on the computer are still far from completion… 

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