Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Interview

I got up early this morning to register for classes.  As always, I looked up some harder, non-blow off classes just for fun.  Pathophysiology only worked with my schedule on Fridays, which isn’t going to happen, so I will be taking Human nutrition instead.  It sounds like it has more of a focus on the hard science than on clinical usefulness, but it will still be a good basis for forming my own habits and clinical knowledge.  Fall classes will probably be Nutrition, Astronomy, Intro to Stats, Spanish for health professions.  I’m done for the week at 10:00AM on Thursday’s this semester.  I am probably not going to get my chem minor because I don’t think it is useful enough compared to what I could learn in other classes.  Winters are a little less pretty with the 2 hard physics classes (electromagnetism and statistical thermodynamics) plus the physics senior project, but I should manage ok because my schedule is open other than those and a few fun gym classes.  After what I’ve already put myself through, I’m not too worried that I’ll be able to push through a few more classes to graduate. 

The clinic was the same.  The pains in my legs from yesterday’s torture made it hard to want to stand for 3 hours.  The day did end with the interview with Dr. Reynaldo, which will be a good start for my senior project.  I’m realizing how much work I have to do on it and I really probably won’t have very much time for other things in my last month and a half here.  Sad but true.  

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