Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Desire to Change to the Regional Hospital

I arrived to the clinic today before 8:15 to talk to Jorge about the dictionary and my project.  I then waited over an hour for Reynaldo to come.  I almost wish I had just left, but I did meet a nursing student who recognized me from La Vid which was cool.  I really have nothing exciting to report about these visits, there wasn’t much interesting today.  Which lead me to long for something more stimulating like the regional hospital.  I asked my program coordinator and she will get back to me.  Hopefully I can find a good department to work with and get another great clinical experience out of this trip J

The rest of the day I have nothing to report but soreness…  I accidentally ran all the way up one of the mountains surrounding Cuzco on a recovery day.  Then I went and lifted weights, all legs.  I’m brilliant, I know.

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