Sunday, March 30, 2014

CRED, Interview with a Private Doc

This morning I started in CRED, which is basically just what they call Niño Sano.  Mothers have to bring their kids in to the clinic every month to ensure that everything is good developmentally.  Weight, height, circumference of the head.  I was instructed (“instructed”) on how to do these things, then was set loose.  The ladies at the desk talked to patients and filled out the mounds of necessary paperwork while I did the measuring.  I’m so glad my Spanish is better now, I feel like I would be struggling a lot more without that.  When people ask me a question, I actually know what they’re asking me.  Sometimes I don’t know the answer, but other times I do.  That feels good.  Anyway, I wasn’t good at doing height measurements at the start.  I thought I was doing it fine, but the lady in charge of this service instructed me a few times before I did it right.  Yet another lesson in humbleness.  I also had to call patients for this service, which was interesting as always.  At one point 2 people thought I called them at the same time, so we had to resolve who was the right one once we were inside the room.  It really wasn’t a bad day, I’d never get this much hands-on experience in Belenpampa because there are too many people there.  When I had to leave I was actually sad that I couldn’t come in tomorrow because of my interview with Jesus in Belenpampa. 

I wasn’t so positive all morning.  After the last time of being instructed on how to measure height, I was severely red-lining.  I was thinking of how I can do such complex tasks in the US, but something so basic and simple is hard here because of the language barrier and overall a shortage of time for me to be taught things.  After that my measurements did improve, but it was still a struggle.  When I was leaving the lady in charge of CRED told me I learned a lot today and was sad to hear I couldn’t come in tomorrow.  That did feel good, because I think I came out from the struggle better than I entered. 

In the afternoon I worked on the project, and totally found a jackpot article.  It outlines all these trends comparing the rural and urban aspects of healthcare.  I’ll also check out the references in it too, with all those and my interviews I think I will be well-armed to conquer this project. 

This was followed by another great interview with a doctor from the private sector.  ProWorld set this one up, and I was very grateful for that.  He went for 20 minutes about my questions, but he talked so fast I bet I got twice as much information out of him compared to all the other interviews.  He was full of stories to clarify all of this points, I can scarcely wait to translate it.  I may be using a significant amount of quotes from him.  It was also to hear from his unique perspective.  Stellar.  Although it will probably take me 12 hours to transcribe and translate…  I hope to get to shadow him at some point as well.  

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