Monday, March 10, 2014

2-27 Chill Day

I got up early to go to the clinic today, but I saw signs for the strike on the doors so I went home.  I found out when I talked to the med students that I could have worked today.  Oops.  I was ok with having a chill day to edit photos and such because I want to catch up before Meghan arrives.  If I’m 500 pictures in the hole and then do the Inca trail I’d be in real trouble.  It would be an unsurmountable task.  I must say that I got a lot of enjoyment through looking at all the photos and making them beautiful.  It was great to relive those memories.

Today is the first day that I would actually describe as relaxing, without any cultural surprises.  It’s only 9:42 so something could still happen, who knows…

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