Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trip to the Coast

Today I slept in a bit and finished up the details for the trip.  Joaquin and I went to the park to play in the morning, then I returned and headed to ProWorld for my last internet computer session for a few days.  I was very glad to have this relaxed morning instead of having to show up at the terminal early in the day.  After lunch and some photo editing, I met Samir at the bus station. 

Our bus company was Oltursa, and we were very impressed.  The seats were huge and comfortable, the tv’s were nice, and everything seemed very professional.  We took this picture to illustrate our excitement about the interior.  No tears like on the way home from Puno, but I was nonetheless excited about our bus.


The ride was stellar.  Not the excessive turning and altitude changes, but looking at the mountains that caused them.  Wow, so incredible.  Here's one of the highlight pictures:

I must confess that I wasn’t entirely relaxed once it got dark out.  Sharp turns that I can’t see are not my favorite thing.  At one point we noticed some lights far down below, presumably from a city.  That indicated that we probably couldn’t take a fall from this height and live to tell about it.  I still managed to sleep because I accepted my role as a hopeless bystander, but Samir had some more troubles.  We didn’t regret taking a slightly more expensive bus to ease our anxiety about the trek.  

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