Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Med Students, Interesting Labor

I’m going to sum up Monday and Tuesday into 1 day because I don’t want to be behind anymore. 

I arrived in Cuzco around 5:30 Monday morning.  The sleep from the bus helped, but I was still tired.  I didn’t have a chance to sleep before going to work. 

Monday was the first day for 2 new med students; Wilson and Andy.  They’re both very nice, although Wilson spent much more time talking to me the first day.  He invited me on a trip he’ll be going on next month, asked me all about myself and America, etc.  These guys are in their 6th year of med school, so they are nearing completion.  They will be in sala de partos for one month, and after that will rotate to a rural town 3 hours from Cuzco.  Things will be more intense for them than they were for the other 2 med students I worked with last week.  I’m not sure why this happened, but the doctor doing rounds on Monday was very intense.  I liked him a lot, it was great to have him asking all the students (nursing and med) to improve their learning instead of just having them do menial tasks.  I wouldn’t know everything if it was in English, but I’m trying to learn what I can in Spanish.  The med students are going to have to get in at 7 AM to familiarize themselves with the charts before rounds at 8.  I like showing up at 8 instead.  They often have to spend the night in the clinic to assist with births when they occur outside business hours, and have to work either Saturday or Sunday.  The other med students had no such regimen.  Rounds started late and went about an hour and a half.  That is far more thorough than previous doctors had done, so I really liked this guy for his in-depth examinations. 

Once the excitement was done, I must confess it was hard to stay awake.  I just wanted to go home and rest, but I waited around until 1 because it was best that way. 

The afternoon was nothing too special, just catching up with blogging and chatting with Samir, the new ProWorld student who is working in dentistry at Belenpampa.  This day was mostly a catch up day, and it ended with me going to sleep very early.

Today I slept through my run because I was still so tired.  The clinic was largely uneventful, but it is nice to have 2 med students to follow around now.  I can almost always be doing something.  The first main interesting event of the day (aside from talking to the med students) was a lady whose belly was still very large after the birth of her child.  This same complication occurred in her first pregnancy, although I can’t explain what is going wrong.  I watched an ultrasound that was used to try to figure it out, though something more in-depth was supposed to happen after I left.  Second was probably the most exciting and scary event of my time in Belenpampa.  A woman was brought into the Sala de Partos  to give birth, but no matter how hard she pushed that baby wasn’t moving.  A doctor came and helped by pushing the belly with his hands or squeezing it down with a towel.  To no avail.  The patient was then hurriedly transferred to a transport bed and rushed to the hospital for a C-section, since apparently they can’t do those here.  They were moving very fast through the main hallway to get her out, it was a very dramatic scene.  I hope she ended up alright, but I’m sure the whole situation was a bit traumatic for her.  At least that’s what her face displayed as everything was transpiring. 

My afternoon was nothing exciting, so I’ll skip to the evening.  Sofia invited the girls and myself to a bar that also has bingo and other childhood type games this evening.  It sounded fun so we all went.  I couldn’t get there when Sofia told me to meet her, and Katherine ended up being very late after our meeting time anyway.  While we waited around I hung out with Rani and a friend of hers and Katherine’s named Ben.  We have a lot in common; love the outdoors and hiking, grew up in small towns, etc.  I can tell we’re going to be friends during the rest of his time in Cuzco. 

We finally found the place Sofia was talking about, but there wasn’t room for all 4 of us at the table with her and her friends.  So we had to sit downstairs at another table.  This place is quite unique, it’s basically a bar with a children’s theme.  Kids games line the shelves and you can play games as a group such as trivia and bingo as well.  We ordered drinks and soon discovered Jenga on the shelf.  Great times with that game.  It was great chatting while playing that obnoxious game.  Kate got frustrated since she had bad luck this evening.  Rani’s sassy side came out as she reminded Kate several times of her struggles.  And Ben and I found out that we share a taste in music and are both Christian!  At 11 we all left except Kate, who stayed with Sofia and her friends.  Rani and I both live south along the Aveneda de la Cultura, so we were going to share a cab but managed to catch what must have been the last bus.  Great day, but I’m not going to get much sleep before I start my run tomorrow morning….

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