Thursday, February 20, 2014

Good Doc

I’m tired so I’ll make this quick.  I’m afraid that my descriptions are going to become shorter and more succinct because I just don’t have time to do and describe everything. 

My friends and I are working on planning an adventure this weekend!  We’re going to the Nazca Lines, Ica, and Huacachina.  The Nazca lines are massive designs in the ground that can only be seen from the air.  They’re a grand mystery.  The most intriguing question is “Why did they make such designs?”  I think they’re about as compelling of evidence as you will find for extraterrestrials. 

Katherine changed services into my department today, which was exciting.  I want to still mostly work with my Spanish, and when I switch languages quickly I typically have more errors in my Spanish as a result.  But it is still nice to have another friend to talk to.  I taught her many things I’ve learned over the past few weeks.  I didn’t do physical exams today because the doctor did all of them.  He’s a pediatrician so he has a better grasp on the exams than most docs.  His sense of humor is also welcomed in these rooms.    He taught us many reflexes.  Apparently babies have a tendency to walk if you stand them up, even at this age.  If you put them on one side in your hand, the back muscles will contract.  This is for compensating for body movements during walking.  I’m continually surprised by the complexity of babies even right after birth. 

The doc invited us to his office afterward, but he couldn’t get the door open.  First the key wouldn’t go in.  When it finally did, it broke off in the lock.  It was quite the fiasco to figure this out, I went back to my service before seeing how everything changes. 

After waiting a while, Jorge came back to do rounds.  I learned how to measure a uterus, and we had many fun jokes to share today.  I think poor Katherine was asked when she wanted to get pregnant at least 3 times. 

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