Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Arrival in Huacachina

Samir and I arrived around 8:30 to Ica, allowing us to get to Huacachina around 9.  It was a nice little town.  I am fairly certain that there are always more tourists than natives in this town at all times.  It’s absolutely gorgeous, it looks like something that couldn’t exist in reality.  Huge sand dunes on 4 sides surrounding the perfect desert oasis surrounded by palm trees.  Tourism is the only industry, and we quickly learned that there was not actually much to do here.  We planned to do the traditional buggy ride and sand boarding in the late afternoon, and until then we walked around the oasis, ate, and I had a milk shake. 

We unfortunately didn’t plan the sandboarding far enough in advance, so in order to go we would have had to pay the same price for half the time.  When we planned the tour of the Islas Ballestas for the following morning, we discovered that we could make it back in time to do the longer sandboarding session.  So, we didn’t actually end up doing anything all day today.  It was a strange change for me since I’m always forcing myself to work harder and faster, but I will say that the break was nice.  

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