Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Friends in the Clinic!

Interval training started my day.  It’s hard, but I know I can feel results.  My lung capacity must be expanding a lot because I breathe very hard during the sprint portion of the intervals.  I’ll definitely be ready for the Inca trail!!

Work today was not quite as intriguing as yesterday in terms of patients.  Several patients from yesterday came in for another shot of anti-inflammatory medication.  I was still struck by how awkward it must be for them to have their pants down for an intramuscular injection while other patients and staff are running in and out of the same room.  Maybe this is just my American lens looking at the situation and it doesn’t actually bother them, but it still strikes me as odd. 
Even if there weren’t any super cool patient cases, today was a great day in terms of making new friends.  A pharmacy student, Luis, was the first person I met today.  He will be rotating through various services fairly quickly during his time here so I may not spend too much time with him in the clinic.  However, his interest in the United States, desire to learn English, etc. should mean I’ll get to hang out with him outside of work.  He will be spending an excessive amount of time there over the next month, but we can probably find time somewhere.  My dictionary was a huge hit with him.  At one point 4 people were huddling around it to learn a little medical Spanish.  I left the book with him to study since he was staying in the clinic until 7 tonight.  I also met another nursing student named Micaela today.  She was quieter than Luis so I mostly talked to her when he was off doing other things.  I think we’ll get along well, she is very interested in running and hiking the mountains near Cuzco, so I may have another friend to do adventures with!  These 2 made the otherwise dull day enjoyable.  I do hope that we have more patients tomorrow though.  I learned from Maribel (the med student) today that my department isn’t only emergency, but also tópicoThis is basically routine cases of the region, basic injections, etc.  That makes sense; all the cases we have are definitely not emergencies. 

In the afternoon I went to Proworld after lunch and chatted with Matt Barylski over Skype, but the internet was giving us many problems.  Some on both ends, since my internet faded in and out and his phone didn’t seem to be working properly.  It was frustrating, but at least we tried.  Hopefully we’ll figure out a better system for next time.  ProWorld internet then went out for almost an hour and a half, which I wasn’t a huge fan of.  ProWorld is all I’ve got, and that little time is precious.  I still entertained myself and got important things typed up, but I hope that doesn’t become a common occurrence.

My Spanish teacher suggested that I go to all the nearby Inca ruins this weekend while I have that tourist ticket.  It will be a very full day, including walking in the mountains J  I think I’m up for it, I just hope I can convince one or 2 of my new friends to go too.  The girls from ProWorld might come too, but I know they weren’t wanting to do anything too intense physically, especially in their first few weeks.

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