Thursday, January 30, 2014

More Injections, Missing the Gathering

Today wasn’t very exciting and I’m tired, so I’ll keep this short.  Tania gave me the duty of going to the oven to get bread alone.  I wasn’t sure what door it was, since there is no sign indicating its presence.  I pushed on it a little bit and saw someone standing on a table while doing some kind of construction work.  I did think the oven looked like a construction site, but I still found it odd.  I looked for another door but didn’t find one.  The guy cracked the door I’d pushed and looked at me.  I asked if there was bread here and he told me to help myself.  Then he let the door shut in front of me.  Confusion was my primary feeling at this point.  So I went to another store that sells the bread and that was good enough for me.  I do need to figure this out though.  Bread straight from the oven is warmer and better.

At work today, the first event was that a new desk arrived for Julia.  I could probably get a nicer desk for $8 at Love Inc. in Hudsonville.  But it was a big deal.  Everyone had to come look at it.  The drawers were dirty and a little rusty (it’s a metal desk), so those were sent back to the guy who brought the desk over and he washed them.  We also rearranged the office so that the desk faces the doorway.  That made sense to me.

We had many patients today, but not many were serious injuries.  Nothing to compare with the last 2 days.  I did, however, get to do 2 more injections today.  That’s exciting.  One patient who needs these injections is an awkward teenage boy, and it’s always funny watching him cringe at lowering his pants enough for the injector to see his butt cheek. 

The afternoon and Spanish class were good, then I tried meeting up with Carlos and the other church people.  I was told the group started at 7, so when I got out of class at 6:45 I rushed to leave ProWorld ASAP.  I glanced at the emails Carlos had sent me.  The map was helpful, but I still wasn’t sure I could find the plaza it refers too.  Not the main plaza, a different one.  Still I excitedly strolled out the door and caught a bus to Belenpampa, which is the nearest place to my final destination that I’m familiar with.  I walked down the road for a little while, then realized I wasn’t where I hoped to be.  So I turned around, found the road and started up.  I didn’t like the looks of the street.  Not many people, not much going on.  This could be a good place to wait for someone, especially a gringo, and rob them.  It was almost 8 at this point, and I figured I’d missed most of it anyway.  Carlos eventually responded to texts again to convince me to come, but I had made up my mind.  I didn’t have enough minutes to make calls from my cell, only a few texts.  If I got lost I didn’t want to have to rely on text to get me out.  I didn’t have any 5 soles, I only had a 50, which is far too big for a taxi.  So that option was out.  So many things piled up today, there was no way I could go.  I’m sad I didn’t get to go, I was immensely looking forward to making new Peruvian friends.  They ended up starting well over an hour late so I’d have been ok, but that worries me because it could go late and I always have to wake up early the next morning.  Hopefully everything eventually works out!

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